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Together or Not

People grow together and grow apart.  There are people that I know, we used to be so close, and now as time as past we only move farther apart. Even being in close proximity it’s as if there’s a wall now that separates us from what once was. 

Then there are people who you may be far away from, due to the line of communication, trust and understanding, but are always there. Never disconnected, never severed. Those people are the lifetime friends. 

There are those that walk different paths and are able to maintain a sense of familiarity. 

There are those that walk seemingly on the same path but seem to learn, perceive and do something completely different from you.

Just talking and reflecting

No I’m not mad and nothing happened. I see a quote sometimes and it makes me think tis all.

The next time I have a debate about my album/music and why I’m not doing gospel I’m going to say that “I turn my wounds into wisdom”. I’m not out here disrespecting myself and everyone doesn’t work at the Holiness Bank or the School of the Righteous just for an example. I sing because it’s my #artherapy period. Will I grow and mature yes! And so will my music as time progresses. Knowing of me is NOT the same as KNOWING me & those that KNOW me, KNOW me!

I have been through a lot with the support of a few and people on the outskirts still are just watching and waiting. IDK if it’s for me to just fall in line and do what everyone else is doing or what?


It’s interesting and I want to put a disclaimer out there: just because you see me tweet something or blog about something doesn’t mean I’m going to disclose the entire story (so you can know my business). 

Unless it’s about food or how ppl drive, I probably won’t disclose my rage or vent like that and if I do it’s usually in a manner that’s uplifting or has some kind of message towards the end.

Always have to keep you wanting more…


People quote “never say never” and it’s true, but I’ve been through some pretty tough situations and have been able to maintain integrity throughout them all. 

So far so good right. 

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